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Blue Sparkles
Blue Sparkles

"Tailored, fun, age appropriate personal training... As a self-professed cardio junky in my younger years, the thought of personal training with a mix of weights and cardio (some low impact) filled me with dread and made me feel old. How wrong I was! The world's view on fitness has changed and Sarah’s nailed it.

After listening to what I like to do (and my aches and pains), she tailors a different work out each for each session, helping me build strength and cardio fitness whilst having fun! She even worked with me when I had a frozen shoulder, working around what I was able to do and helping me regain movement. Sarah has really changed my mind about having a PT. I feel fitter, healthier, and really look forward to our sessions. I couldn’t recommend more highly!"

-Andrea S.

"I have never been one for exercise, in fact the only exercise I have ever done was the odd sporadic yoga class.

After some gentle persuasion from friends to give Sarah a go, I am totally hooked on our PT sessions.

Each week she mixes up the class which means it is never boring.. and takes into account fitness, fun and how I am feeling on the day. I am a total convert and feel so much more energised since doing her PT sessions. From being someone who hated exercise, I now look forward to doing it with her.

Sarah is so supportive and lovely, I can't recommend her highly enough"

-Kerry O.H

"I’m mid forties and with family, job, charity etc I felt I had no time for workouts. With Sarah I no longer dread exercise. She is gentle, professional and tailors everything I do to meet my goals.

She is my cheerleader and doesn’t criticise - just gently & patiently ensures I’m doing every move properly so I don’t hurt myself and even does the workouts with me! I’m already feeling more energetic, fitter, and stronger...and we have a real laugh too.

Would highly recommend.

She is superb"

-Jill C.

"It is a challenge for men, particularly those of a pensionable age, to find someone who can provide a personalised fitness regime.

Fortunately Sarah was on hand with a series of bespoke programmes to enhance strength in arms, legs and back, alongside tailor-made workouts to improve balance, overall fitness and general health.

Her personality, experience and knowledge certainly worked for me!"

-Mark P.

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