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I am a qualified level 3 personal trainer with additional qualifications in exercise referral (exercise for those with health considerations) and outdoor activity.

I started to become seriously interested in exercise after having children, as a way to stay healthy and to manage a busy life. Whilst running with friends, it was pointed out to me that I was often the one encouraging others and that I should I do it as my day job. It was a seed of an idea that kept rolling around my head until I finally did it – I left the corporate world of HR and retrained to be a personal trainer.

I am passionate about exercise as a means to living the fullest life. I believe that no one should ever be intimidated by exercise and work to achieve this by setting workout sessions that considers each person’s capabilities, goals and aspirations.

The benefits of exercise amaze me everyday, whether  you want to:

  • Build strength and heart to support your day to day activities.

  • Escape from your busy life and focus on self – even if just for an hour.

  • Clear your head mentally to support you through life’s many milestones.

  • Have more energy and focus.

  • Avoid illnesses such as diabetes and others.

Working out can help with all of this and more...

What’s not to love!?

Especially if you can work out with a friendly, empathetic and encouraging trainer who wants the best for you.

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"If anyone had told me in 2018 that I'd be doing 2 PT sessions

a week and lifting 4kg weights in 2021, I'd have laughed my head off.. I hated the gym and the only exercise I did was lifting a wine glass.  3 years later, I feel stronger than ever and I'm actually excited about fitting into summer clothes and showing off my toned arms.


Training has also drastically improved my state of mind.. especially through lockdown.. and I don't stress so much!  I still lift that wine glass but I feel less guilty because my health has improved and i have so much more energy too.

Thank you Sarah.. you've been BRILLIANT!"

-Nicola B.

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